The average amount of calories burned from jump roping for 10 minutes is about 150 calories. Though this is the average, the precise number of calories you will burn per session depends on your exact weight, jumping speed, and jumping time.

The easiest way to calculate calories burnt per jump rope session is to use the following formula:

Calories Burned Per Minute = (MET x Body Weight in KG x 3.5) Ă· (200)

To learn more about how many calories you can burn from jumping rope, read on.

Calories burned Jumping Rope Calculator

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How many calories do you burn jumping rope?

Several factors impact how many calories can be burned while jumping rope. How long you jump, your body weight, the complexity of the routine, and how fast you jump all impact how much you can burn.

A person who weighs 125 pounds and jumps 120 jumps per minute for 20 minutes can burn around 224 calories. In comparison, someone who weighs 175 pounds and jumps 160 jumps per minute for 20 minutes can burn a whopping 326 calories.

Because so many factors impact weight loss from jumping rope it’s easiest to use an online jump roping calculator or formula to determine how many calories you will burn.

In order to determine how many calories you will burn per minute, multiply the MET by your body weight in kilograms and 3.5. Then, divide by 200.

Calories Burned Per Minute = (MET x Body Weight in KG x 3.5) ÷ (200)  

Only by performing your own calculations can you get an accurate picture of how many calories you will burn by jumping rope.

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How many calories are burned jumping rope for 30 minutes?

Jumping rope for just 30 minutes a day can help you burn hundreds of calories, but how many you end up burning is dependent upon your weight and jumps per minute. On average, most people burn between 315 and 580 calories from a 30-minute session of jumping rope.

A person who jumps rope for 30 minutes, weighs 125 pounds, and skips 100 to 120 times per minute can burn around 351 calories. In comparison, a person who weighs 150 pounds but jumps the exact same amount as the previous person can burn up to 422 calories. This fact shows that heavier people burn more calories from jumping rope than lighter people.

With this in mind, how many calories you burn from jumping rope will depend on how much you weigh and the number of times you jump per minute.

How many calories are burned jumping rope for 1 hour?

Just as above, how many calories you burn when jumping rope for one hour depends primarily on your weight and the number of jumps per minute. On average, most adults burn well over 500 calories when jumping rope for an hour a day, though most adults cannot jump this long.

For example, Harvard Medical School found that a 155-pound person who jumps rope for an hour will burn 744 calories. Meanwhile, a 190-pound person will burn up to 888 calories per hour.

How many calories are burned jumping without a rope?

If you are indoors and are looking for a way to work out without hitting the walls and ceiling, you might wonder if you can simply jump without the rope. Obviously, jump roping without the rope is simply jumping.

Although jumping without the rope is less effective than traditional jump roping, it can still help you burn calories if you are in a tight spot.

The reason that jumping rope is more effective than simple jumping has to do with how many muscles are being used.

Whenever you use a jump rope, you are forced to use more muscles in order to turn the jump rope. As you use more muscles, you burn more calories.

Still, even though the rope may seem small, it makes a big difference in your workout.

If you want to lose the most weight possible, jumping rope is more effective than simply jumping. Even if you try to replicate the jump roping experience, it simply won’t be as effective.

That being said, there are ideal times to jump without a rope. For example, when you first start jumping rope, you might want to warm up by simply jumping.

Jumping without the rope allows you to get the swing of things. Likewise, it may be a good alternative if it is raining outside, and you don’t have the space to jump rope indoors.

How many calories are burned skipping rope 500 times?

Just as before, many factors impact how many calories are burned when skipping rope 500 times, but the average calories burned is between 70 and 100 calories. Your weight, routine, and speed of skipping will determine the exact number.

Can I lose weight by jumping rope everyday?

Jump roping every day is an effective way to lose weight, but you will get the best results if you pair jump roping with other weight-loss strategies, such as full-body workouts and diet.

If you want to lose weight by jump roping, consistency is key. If you only jump rope sporadically, do not expect outrageous results.

More so, vary the jump rope routine to challenge yourself. When you first start out, it might be easiest to jump at a slow pace for only a minute or two.

As you get more advanced, you can begin jumping faster and change directions.

Pair your jump rope routine with other exercises to make sure all muscle groups are being targeted. In fact, many professionals recommend warming up with a jump rope before moving on to your actual workout.

Don’t forget about diet either. The only way you can lose weight is if you create a calorie deficit. This means you need to consume less than you are burning.

By watching your diet and jumping rope, you can create a larger calorie deficit to burn fat quicker. Try to aim for no more than 2 pounds lost per week.


How many calories you burn from your jump roping workout will depend on the specifics of the workout, such as how much you weigh, how quickly you jump, and how long your session lasts.

By using the formula mentioned above, you can get a better idea of exactly how many calories you will burn during your session.

If your goal of jumping rope is weight loss, pair your daily jump roping sessions with other workouts and a well-balanced diet.

Only by creating a calorie deficit from working out and eating right can you reach your goal weight. That being said, make sure to eat enough to fuel your body!