Mozzarella is a creamy cheese that’s perfect for melting. Most of the time, it’s associated with foods we love and crave like pizza and pasta. Though you might not believe us yet, we’re here to tell you about how mozzarella is not only tasty but, is great for weight loss.

That’s right, cheese is good for weight loss! Why you may ask? Well, part of it has to do with the cheese’s protein. Another has to do with the fact that it’s lower in sodium than other cheeses.

Below, we’ll get into more detail and give you the scoop on how you can keep mozzarella on your menu and still lose weight.

Is Mozzarella Cheese Healthy?

Cheese gets a bad rep. In part, it probably has to do with the amount of fat and salt, not to mention the usual foods it’s associated with. We are totally against cheese-shaming, as there are so many benefits that often get pushed aside. The key is to consume it in moderation, as too much of anything is never good.

Let’s get back to mozzarella. Mozzarella is considered even healthier than other cheeses for a few key reasons, including:

It’s High Protein

First of all, the protein content. One ounce of the cheese has about 6 grams of protein, making it the perfect addition to your kitchen. Protein helps you keep full, build muscle, and digest foods properly to feel great from the inside out.

It’s Low Calorie

It’s not all about protein when it comes to healthy foods, it’s also about calorie content. When losing weight, calories are key, as you will need to either reduce your intake or increase your level of activity.

Mozzarella’s low-calorie content makes it the perfect food to add to a dish to pump up flavor and texture without adding on calories.

It’s Lower Sodium

Sodium is one of those things that we often forget about, not paying attention to the amount that’s in processed snacks. Over time, sodium leads to weight gain and can cause other serious issues like heart disease. Mozzarella is luckily low in sodium, making it one of the best cheeses to add to your fridge.

Why Mozzarella Cheese Good for Weight Loss?

Mozzarella cheese is considered healthy but, can it help with your goal of losing weight? The answer is, yes it can! The key is eating the right amount and varying your foods. In addition, you want to add more activities into your life, like walking, biking, or even group exercise.

When losing weight, you’ll need to start focusing on what you’re feeding your body. To lose weight the healthy way, you want to give your body the fuel it needs, which includes servings of dairy. Dairy has calcium that helps keep muscles and bones strong.

Thanks to the cow, goat, or buffalo milk that goes into mozzarella, it’s a good source of calcium.  The only other ingredients you’ll find are citric acid and a bit of salt to balance out all the flavors. That means you can have a dose of calcium without all the calories for a yummy snack that’s perfect for weight loss.

Tips To Using Mozzarella for Weight Loss

Now that we’ve painted mozzarella in a more positive light, you should have no doubts about keeping it in your fridge when trying to lose weight. To use mozzarella to the best of its ability, here are some tips on how to use it during your weight loss journey.

Tip #1. Portions are Everything

Just like with any other food, it’s about moderation. You can still have all the tasty foods you crave, though you’ll have to either reduce the amount you eat or increase your level of activity. With mozzarella, you can have a portion a few times a week, using it as a source of protein and calories.

Go for about 1-2 ounces, either eating it on its own with some basil, olive oil, and tomatoes or sprinkling it onto another low-calorie dish.

Tip #2. Make it a Snack

A lot of us don’t think about smaller additions to our food, including shredded cheese. The thing is, all of those like sprinkles and dashes add up, increasing the calorie content little by little. One way to reduce that from happening is to have mozzarella as a snack.

Cut a few slices, find some small balls of mozzarella, or shred it up. Then, have it as a yummy snack instead of adding it to pasta, sandwiches, or salads.

Tip #3. Start Subbing

If you’re an avid home cook, you may have some recipes that are spectacular. Though spectacular in taste, their calorie contents may be through the roof, maybe due to heavy creams, high-fat cheeses, or other additions. You can still make all the family favorites, just substitute some ingredients for others.

Sub out cheddar or American cheese for mozzarella or take away the heavy cream you use for thickening and replace it with some shredded mozzarella cheese. You’ll have a healthy and flavorful boost to your meal that won’t make you feel guilty afterward.

Tip #4. Indulge Sparingly

If you just can’t kick your craving and need more of a fix of mozzarella in your life, there is nothing wrong with indulging. Do keep in mind that you should keep indulging to a minimum, only doing so once a week or even just twice a month.

It’s okay to enjoy all your favorite foods and tastes, just as long as you’re not taking it overboard and as long as you are moving daily.

Final Thoughts

You no longer have to hide from mozzarella cheese. It’s safe to eat, even if your goal is to shed some pounds. Enjoy the creamy and salty flavors that come along with one of the world’s favorite cheeses, either enjoying it as a snack or adding it to your favorite foods.

Losing weight doesn’t have to be boring or bland. Enjoy what you eat, with tasty, healthy additions like mozzarella.