The number of calories burned vacuuming varies depending on the person but on average, it is about 35 calories per ten minutes of vacuuming. This measurement assumes you are about 150lbs as your weight will determine how many calories you will burn. 

Keep reading to learn more about calculating how many calories you can burn by vacuuming and how you can lose weight through adding exaggerated movements that will strengthen more muscle in your legs and abdomen. 

Calories burned Vacuuming Calculator

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How many calories do you burn by vacuuming?

To calculate how many calories you burn by vacuuming, you will need to know your weight and cleaning duration. You should also factor in how much vigor you are putting into vacuuming. Generally, you will burn about four calories per minute or 35 to 37 calories for ten minutes of vacuuming with a base weight of 150lbs.  

How many calories do you burn by vacuuming for 30 min?

Your body won’t start burning fat until at least 20 minutes of continuous movement, so aiming for 30 minutes of vacuuming will have better results if you want to include it in your exercise routine. 

Your weight and how much movement you are putting into vacuuming will, of course, change the exact amount of calories you burn, so the following are only rough estimates. If you are vacuuming for 30 minutes, you will burn about:

  • 99 calories if you weigh 120lbs
  • 124 calories if you weigh 150lbs
  • 166 calories if you weigh 200lbs

If you want to burn more calories, you can always increase the vigour of your vacuuming or put on some music to add in a few dance moves while you go about your chores. Lunges are also a great way of increasing how many calories you are burning, as lunges use most of the major muscles in your legs and lower body and engage your abdominal muscles. 

Does vacuuming even count as exercise?

Vacuuming makes for great cardio exercises since it works out your legs and shoulders. Getting up to get the vacuuming done is much better than being stationary. Be sure to switch hands frequently to exercise both sides of your body and add exaggerated movements to increase the activity.

Keep in mind that it takes about 20 minutes of continuous activity for your body to start burning fat. If you want to make vacuuming into an exercise, you will need to vacuum for at least that long and add exaggerated movements to ensure you are breaking a sweat. 

However, vacuuming or doing any other chore around your house isn’t going to burn as many calories as other forms of exercise. It would be best to count it as part of your exercises since it does get you moving but cycling or doing other more conventional activities will do more for your fitness. 

Can you lose weight by vacuuming every day?

The only way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you take in a while eating. While vacuuming every day can help burn some of those calories, it isn’t the best way for you to shed some pounds. 

The average calories you will burn if you’re 150lbs for 30 minutes of exercise:

Vacuuming124 calories
Walking (brisk)200 calories
Cycling300 calories

 If your goal is to lose weight, then vacuuming will help get you moving, but it will take a lot of daily vacuuming to burn the same amount of calories as going for a bike ride. However, you should still keep track of the calories you burn to know whether you are burning more than you are taking in, even if it’s the calories burned to vacuum. 

However, for some people, the problem is less about how many calories you can burn in an hour and more about trying to fit everything into your schedule. Most of us will put cleaning and working out to the bottom of our to-do list as our lives get busy.

Any activity is better than none if you want to lose weight, and you can lose a couple of pounds a month from vacuuming daily. 

Final Thoughts

You should include how many calories you are burning while vacuuming in your overall exercises. It can be a way of burning a few calories while also getting your cleaning done. The best rule of thumb is to say you will burn about four calories per minute or somewhere between 35 to 40 calories every ten minutes. 

However, there are better ways of getting your exercise in every day than just vacuuming, so while it can help you on your fitness journey, you should consider introducing other activities into your routine.